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2021 Classic Wisconsin Dells - Marketing Opportunity Application 
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OPPORTUNITY: To become a designated Classic Wisconsin Dells business.

DESCRIPTION: The Classic Wisconsin Dells initiative is a program that allows visitors to identify
attractions, restaurants, hotels, retail, festivals and events that authentically convey a
classic experience.

WHO QUALIFIES: Wisconsin Dells Visitor & Convention Bureau members with businesses (attractions,
accommodations, campgrounds, restaurant/bar, retail and visitor service) that have
been in operation for 30 or more years and meet three of the four historical
business criteria.

PROMOTION: Designated businesses will be entitled to use the Classic Wisconsin Dells logo in all
advertising materials and will be supplied their choice of logo formats and window

The Wisconsin Dells Visitor & Convention Bureau will also promote all designated
businesses in a Classic Wisconsin Dells section on the web at and in
other promotional materials such as social media channels and article releases.
BENEFITS: Using a Classic Wisconsin Dells designation enables visitors to select places to visit,
shop, stay and eat when they want to experience the quintessential Wisconsin Dells.
Also, as a Classic Wisconsin Dells business, you will receive:
  • Branding as part of the Classic Wisconsin Dells story
  • Use of the Classic Wisconsin Dells logo for public relations, advertising and
    promotion and other materials 
  • Use of Classic Wisconsin Dells window decals at your site to publicize designation
  • Inclusion in publicity, publications and marketing programs of the Wisconsin Dells
    Visitor & Convention Bureau as a Classic Wisconsin Dells business
REQUIREMENTS: Application to be designated a “Classic Wisconsin Dells Experience.”

COST: No cost.                
For questions on this program, please contact Deb Schwartzer at 254-8088 x335 or

Name of Business:
Approximately what year was your business created or introduced?
Select three of the four following historical business criteria:
  Name: The business name has remained the same since operational inception. (The year as stated above)
Ownership: The original business continues to be owned, or operated, by the same family, owners or operators
Location: The business has remained in the exact same location over time.
Experience: The essence of the visitor experience has generally remained the same over time.
Please provide up to 600 characters (includes punctuation & spaces) of specific “classic” details relevant to the business which will be placed under the “More Info” tab in your listing. Please consider some of the following when providing the information (See sample below): How does your classic business communicate or reflect Wisconsin Dells tourism traditions and experiences to visitors and customers? Has a famous person or noteworthy historical figure ever visited your classic business?

Overview Sample: In 1875, H.H. Bennett opened a photography studio in Wisconsin Dells which still stands today. A Civil War veteran, Bennett returned to his home town in 1864 and, intrigued by the beauty of the area used his photography to document the beginnings of tourism in Wisconsin Dells. His work was used in early promotional pieces that played an important role in drawing attention to the scenery and bringing people to the area. Bennett was one of the first photographers to capture landscapes and is acclaimed for revolutionizing the world of photography with his 1888 invention of the stop-action camera shutter.

characters remaining:
Which materials and in what quantity would make the most sense for your business?
 Upon designation as a Classic Wisconsin Dells Experience, your business is entitled to receive promotional materials denoting your
“classic” status. Available materials include window decals and copies of the logo in digital format for use in brochures, advertisements
or promotions and other publications. 
  Logo in Digital Format
Window Decals
If you requested window decals, how many are needed?
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