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2021 Member Co-op Photography Program 
Deadline: Friday, December 31, 2021 12:00 PM
Wisconsin Dells Visitor & Convention Bureau, Inc.
PO Box 390 - Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
Phone: (608) 254-7180   Toll Free: (888) 339-3822

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  • Professional photography session for individual member businesses that are cost-shared by the Visitor Bureau. Please note that one photography session is 3 hours, with a maximum of 4 sessions (or 12 total hours) available per calendar year per each member business.
  • Approximately 4-8 total finished/processed images will be delivered per three hour session, depending on the scope of the project.
  • Digital, high-resolution photos provided to the member business on disk or via digital links for use in advertising, marketing, Internet, and promotional materials.
  • Members participating in this program will be scheduled based on demand and availability. Specific times and dates will be coordinated by the Visitor Bureau after the solicitation has been submitted.
  • Member businesses are asked to supply a list of items they would like to have photographed. This helps both the photographer and the member to better prepare and plan before the scheduled photography session date(s).
  • Member businesses are responsible for providing any necessary models. If Bureau/photographer provides models, an additional $50 fee per model applies.
  • This program utilizes photography members who are listed below. Please be sure to visit each website to view their portfolio and choose a style that will best fit your needs.
For questions on this program, please contact Rhonda Parchem at 254-8088 x347 or

The above-named business would like to participate in the Member Co-op Photography Program.

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I would like the selected photographer to be scheduled at my property for:

I understand that one block (three hours) may result in a minimum of 4-8 finished/processed images while two blocks (six hours) may result in a minimum of 8-15 finished/processed images, depending on the scope of the setup.

  1 Block (3 Hours)
2 Blocks (6 Hours)
3 Blocks (9 Hours)
4 Blocks (12 Hours)
Please check one of four Photographer options:
  Karen Landers - Member Cost = $375 + 6.75% Tax, total cost = $400.31 per 3-hour session - Additional mileage charge may be added for locations over 20 miles from the Bureau
Alexa Voda - Member Cost = $450 + 5.5% Tax, total cost = $474.75 per 3-hour session
Ethan Walsweer - Member Cost = $600 + 5.5% Tax, total cost = $633 per 3-hour session
Tara Draper - Member Cost = $750 + 6.75% Tax, total cost = $800.63 per 3-hour session
Joseph Leute - Member Cost = $1250 + 5.5% Tax, total cost = $1318.75 per 3-hour session
Location(s) – Please list the specific location(s) you would like the photographer to shoot. Any and all photos that are taken must be tourism focused and preapproved by the WDVCB.

Rhonda Parchem will be in contact with you shortly after your form is submitted to schedule your photography session(s) as well as follow up on other details. You must schedule your photography session through the Bureau. Please do NOT contact the photographer directly to schedule it yourself.

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